Things to Do
Daytime Fun
If you love to golf, the Village Course and Bay Course at Kapalua is really challenging and scenic. Someone described the Village Course as golfing on a course in a jungle. They also have a golf academy there and you can take lessons, they have a lot of different lesson programs. The Plantation Course at Kapalua is where the Mercedes Championship is held it is not for the meek. Unbelievable course and very beautiful. Down the road south of the Valley Isle Resort is the Kaanapalli Golf Course. Very nice and fun to play.

Kaanapali Beach is a fun place to hang out and enjoy the beaches and lots of activities there. Lots of restaurants and lots of people so for me it is probably good for one day; unless you hang out at the Sheraton it is all the way at the end near Black Rock. It is really good place to snorkel, a great beach and at sunset they have cliff divers. Have a drink or two and watch them light the torches on the cliffs and dive.

HALEAKALA - Inactive volcano crater that forms the south part of the island of Maui. Popular spot for watching the sunrise and hiking. Plan to spend a half-day or more depending on any side trips.

HANA AND THE 7 POOLS - The Road to Hana is unbelievable. Yes, it is only 50 miles; it is mostly a two way paved road to Hana and passed Hana to the seven pools. At times the road narrows to a single lane especially at bridges, and there are many bridges. Hana is spectacular. It is old Hawaii and is part of a beautiful rain forest. You travel 50 miles through the rain forest to get there. Really, the trip isn't just about getting to Hana. The trip is about the drive. Not that it takes 3 to 4 hours to drive 50 miles, but the fact that you should take 7 or more hours to drive the 50 miles, because there is so much to see and explore on your way there. Waterfalls, fresh water ponds, bamboo forests, mango trees, roadside fruits, vegetables, and other vendors.

Wainapanapa State Park has a fabulous black sand beach, luscious landscaping, and fresh water caves to swim in. Refreshing is an understatement. Just a few miles past Hana is Homoa State Beach. James Michner once said it was the most beautiful beach in the world. It is! Then there is the seven pools there are some on the left side of the road where most of the tourists go, but if you venture up the paths to the right side of the road into the hills you will find some beautiful pools and waterfalls. So, you can see if you just drive right through you will miss what it is all about. If you plan on going to Hana you can get a tape or cd for your car that will guide you along the way so you know what to see, where to stop and where to explore. You can pick that tape or cd up at the Shell Station in Kahului right before you head out on the road to Hana or you can try an ABC Store or the Shell Station in Lahaina.

IAO VALLEY - is a stunning park, it is in Wailuku only about 45 minute drive back toward the airport. Beautiful grounds, streams, ponds, and pools with majestic peaks and tropical rain forest. If you want a mini version of what you may have seen on the road to Hana but didn't have the time or inclination to make the trip, this is a good substitute. There are several nice hiking trails in the valley. If you don't do any hiking, this attraction does not take much time to see. It can be combined with another activity in the area, such as the Tropical Plantation, and still take only a half day.

NORTH OF KAPALUA - This is a nice scenic drive that goes around the north end of the island. You will pass Kapalua Resort and its famed golf courses, the Marine Preserve/snorkeling bay of Honolua, the blowhole, and the tiny village of Kahakuloa. Beautiful scenery with fantastic ocean and mountain views. Single lane road for a short stretch south of Kahakuloa. Minimum of 2 hours to drive to Wailuku, more if you make a lot of stops.

SNORKELING - You can take any of several snorkeling cruises or you can experience great snorkeling right from shore. Snorkeling gear can be easily rented for $2 or less per day. Our favorite spots are: Kapalua Bay (Kapalua Resort, 3 miles north of the condo) Ulua Beach in the Wailea Resort area Maui has many great places to visit. I love Honolua Bay. It is north of here past Kapalua. It is a beautiful bay and a reserve. In the late spring and summer you can snorkel there and it is stunning. It is like snorkeling in a natural aquarium. Wow! By the Black Rock at the Sheraton in Kaanapali Around the 14 mile marker, just south of Olowalu. (Thousand Peaks)

MAUI OCEAN CENTER - The Maui Ocean Center in Maalaea is a beautiful facility with excellent displays of tropical fish, coral and all of the ocean life indigenous to the Hawaiian Islands.

Beaches and Bodysurfing
All beaches in Hawaii are public, and everything is very open. So if you like the beach at the Sheraton or the Hyatt - just use them. If you are looking for great beaches, we recommend:

Kapalua Bay Beach. Kapalua is an excellent beach for sunning, swimming, and snorkeling and is a good family beach. It has been named Best Beach in Hawaii, by Hawaii Magazine readers and has also been named one of the best beaches in the world on "Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous" just 2 miles north of the condo.

Flemings beach is great in the spring and summer for body surfing and boogie boarding. It is located below the Ritz-Carlton in Kapalua. The tow is very strong there so be careful and enter the water at your own risk.

Kaanapali Beach located on the south end of, this is a good place to go when the north end of the island has rain and clouds, and you need to head just a little south to get to the sun 4 miles south of the condo.

Prindle Beach, locally known as Airport Beach. Located on the north end of Kaanapali Beach, this is a beautiful sandy beach with grassy areas and a nice picnic pavilion, and a popular snorkeling and scuba diving spot just 3 miles south of the condo.

Big Makena (Big Beach). South of Wailea and Makena, this beach is one of the best on the island, wide white sand for about 1/2 mile. Little Makena, on the other side of the rocky point on the north end of this beach is an 'unofficial' nude beach. About a 30 mile drive.

Po'oenalena Beach, also known as Paipu Beach, is another beach that we like in the Makena area. It is a smaller, more private, protected beach in a cove with nice sand, shaded areas to sit in, and good waves for boogie boarding and bodysurfing.

Hanaka'oo Beach, locally known as Canoe Beach. About a 30 mile drive

If you plan to do some hiking, we have 2 suggestions. First, bring old clothes to hike in. Maui mud produces stains that do not come out! (The "Red Dirt Shirts" are a whole industry on Maui that takes advantage of the fact that Maui mud acts like a red dye.) Second, pick up the book 'Hiking Maui' as a guide. This gives some good suggestions for hikes of all lengths and difficulties.

There are numerous other activities available on Maui, such as scuba diving, boogie boarding, surfing and windsurfing, horseback riding, and biking, including biking down Haleakala. The free publications will give you all the details you need to know about these activities.

Evening Entertainment
If you haven't been to Maui or you are not a regular visitor here I would like to tell you about my favorite places to eat and go. For food my favorite local food is the Aloha Plate Lunch on Front Street in Lahaina. I love the coconut shrimp and Kalbi Beef ribs. Great happy hour prices and the restaurant is outdoors and right on the ocean. Really delicious. Very reasonable prices. Best sunset besides this lovely Suite 408, is at the Napili Kai Resort at the Seahouse Restaurant, the food is pretty good and the sunset and view is amazing. Sitting at the bar there give you the best view! Best sushi and pan Asian cuisine, is Sansei at Kapula. Check it out, on Thursdays after 10:00 PM they have Karaoke and 50% off the sushi menu. My favorite hotel bar is the Sheraton Kaanapalli at the poolside on the ocean, just a little hut; bartenders are very friendly and you meet a lot of fun people there. Inside the Lahaina Cannery Mall is a Vietnamese Restaurant in the food court. Great soup and Vietnamese style sandwiches on fresh baked French rolls. Very reasonable. The best pancakes I have ever had are at The Gazebo at Napili Point Resort down the road. It is very small and the wait is worth it. My favorite is the combo macadamia nut, pineapple and banana pancake. I have seen many people eating the omelets there, I have never tried them, but they look great. If you don't get there early you will probably have to wait about 20 minutes.

I like Lahaina Grill in downtown Lahaina with a very creative menu. Very good!

Right here in Kahana at the shopping center where the McDonalds is located, back in the corner is a very good restaurant called Fish and Game. Very good prices and very good food. I particularly like the filet tips appetizer, the bouillabaisse, and cioppinio. I have eaten there many times and I have never had a bad meal. You can walk over there from here and have a great meal a couple of drinks or more and you don't have to worry about driving.

If you love Thai food there is a little Thai restaurant in Lahaina called the Thai Chef. It is very authentic and fresh Thai Food. It is a very popular restaurant so if you don't get there early you will have to wait. It is also very small so there aren't that many tables. It is located off of Front Street opposite Longhis, near the Maui Theatre where Ulalena is playing, right near the Kentucky Fried Chicken restaurant. You can bring your own beer and wine into the restaurant to drink. They don't sell or serve alcohol there. There is an ABC convenience store very close so you can get a table, order then go over to the ABC store and purchase your alcoholic beverages and bring them back.

I really enjoy Maui Tacos. My favorite there is the potato tacos. Great sauces and salsas. Located at the Napili Shopping Center in Napili.

LUAU'S - If you want to attend a luau, there are a number of choices. Some of the more popular luaus are the Old Lahaina Luau, the luau at the Royal Lahaina Resort, and the luau at the Maui Marriot Resort. Because of it's popularity, the Old Lahaina Luau is usually sold out weeks in advance. If you would like to attend the Old Lahaina Luau during your stay, we recommend that you make reservations in advance of your trip. You can make reservations on their website at or by calling 1-800-248-5828. Or by our special arrangement with Activity World, you can make reservations by going to the website for the Resort and clicking on the link to Activity World.

MAUI MYTH & MAGIC PERFORMANCE OF "ULALENA" - An attraction truly unique to Maui, this stage performance produced by the same Canadian company that does the "Cirque du Soleil" shows in Orlando and Las Vegas, is well worth seeing. "Ulalena" tells the history of Hawaii through song, dance, music, gymnastics and fabulous special effects. You will need to book 1-2 days ahead of time.

WARREN AND ANNABELLE'S MAGIC SHOW - Your evening starts out in Annabelle's Parlor with delicious pupu's and cocktails while Annabelle, the ghost, entertains requests on the piano, followed by a "name that tune" audience participation. You are then taken in to the 78-seat theatre, where you are entertained by Warren, an excellent magician and entertainer. While he entertains you with his fantastic magic, his wit and audience interaction will keep you laughing all evening long. Cost for the show is moderate, with reasonably priced pupu's and drinks extra, as either part of a prepaid package or ordered ala carte when you get there.

WHALE WATCHING (Available Late November - Mid-May) - One of the most memorable experiences on Maui, and you will not have to go anywhere to participate. Bring your binoculars and watch for the spouts of these beautiful creatures right from our lanai. You can also take one of any number of whale watching cruises. Cruises are generally moderate in price but vary greatly depending on what is included along with the whale watching.

TRILOGY - If you want to combine your snorkeling, scuba diving and whale watching with a fun day of beach activities and good eats, you might want to try taking Trilogy Tours. This is a full-day activity, somewhat pricey, but a great time.

MAUI TROPICAL PLANTATION - The plantation is an interesting place to walk through and to learn more about the crops and flowers of the islands. You can walk through the grounds and the exhibits for free. They have a large gift shop with souvenirs and Maui food products. In our opinion the price you pay for the tram ride around the plantation is not worth the price.

General Tips and Shopping - What to Bring
You will find that Maui is a very casual island. You can go practically anywhere, including most of the best restaurants, in shorts or aloha wear so there is no need to bring more formal clothing. The temperature will nearly always be in the mid 80's during the day and in the high 60's to low 70's at night. A lightweight jacket or sweater, and one pair of slacks for the cooler evenings should provide all of the "warm" clothes you need.

Other essentials that we recommend are sunscreen, beach towels, binoculars (especially during whale watching season), and, of course, a camera and/or camcorder.

The condos have coffee makers, blenders, toasters, and all the other small kitchen appliances you will need. There is also an iron and full-size ironing board, and a wall-mount hair dryer in the bathroom.

Before we mention shopping places, we should point out that there are cash machines available all over Maui. They are at most banks, the airport, Safeway in Lahaina, and K-Mart, and Costco just to name a few locations. We use cash machines as our only source of funds and have had no difficulty finding one when we need it. Also, many retailers on Maui will gladly accept your personal check. There is an ATM at the bank near the Valley Isle Resort at the Kahana Gateway Center.

Shopping for Food and Prescriptions
If it is not too late when you arrive on Maui, you may want to stop at Costco or K-Mart in Kahului to stock up on some essentials at more reasonable prices than you may find near the condo, on the other side of the island. They are located on the left, just after the first signal light when you leave the airport/car rentals. If you are going shopping for food to cook here, the best market is the Napili Market it is at the Napili Shopping Center. It is a bit pricey but very good quality items. If you want to save some money Safeway in the Cannery Mall on the highway north of Lahaina, is the best on the west side of the island. You will pass by it on your way to the condo from the airport. If you will be doing a lot of grocery shopping during your stay it may be beneficial to become a Safeway Club member (just ask at the service desk, you don't have to be an island resident).

Long's Drug is also in the Cannery Mall and is a good place to shop for whatever you need from beach gear to groceries. They frequently have Maui wines on special. Macadamia Nuts-if you do plan to make a trip to the Big Island, buy nuts there where you can buy seconds at very reasonable prices. On Maui try Costco or watch Long's and K-Mart for specials on 14-16 oz. bags.

Foodland in Lahaina is also a great place to shop for food.

For any medical needs there is a Kaiser Clinic in Lahaina 1 800 966 5955 and after hours and advice desk at 1 800 467 3011. If you are not a Kaiser Member please try Doctor's on Call at 667 7676 or West Maui 667 9721. For emergencies call 911. All in all this is a very special and magical island. I hope you enjoy your stay at Valley Isle at my second home Suite 408 and on Maui. Mahalo, for choosing my Suite 408 and I hope to have you return again. Please let your friends and family know about my suite.


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